10. Prevalence of geo-helminths eggs and cysts in soil samples of different primary and high schools of Quetta- Pakistan

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Asiya Zahir, Zoha Tariq, Sehrish Lal Muhammad, Zubaida Kakar, Umama Naseer, Nabeela Tariq


Geohelminths are considered as most threatening to health. They can cause many diseases. The purpose of this study was to observe the soil samples which were collected from randomly selected private and government schools of Quetta city for the prevalence of geohelminths eggs and cysts. These samples were collected from washroom and playground of these schools and they were examined by using sucrose and zinc floatation techniques. Three genera of Nematodes (Whipworm, Ascaris and hookworms) were identified while cysts and oocysts of protozoans were not found. The contamination in the soil samples of different schools due to Ascaris lumbricoides was 86.3%, Trichuris trichuria was 9.0 % and Taenia sp 4.5%. Percentage of Ascaris lumbricoide eggs were high as compared to those of Trichuria Trichuria and Taenia sp eggs percentage. Large number of Ascaris lumbricoide eggs prevalence was due to presence of inner shell of lipoprotein present in them. This layer makes them more resistant to harsh environment and also due to the fact that single female of Ascaris lumbricoide lays 200.000eggs/day. The contamination of Trichuria Trichuria eggs in soil sample of different schools was low due to the fact that their single female lays less number of eggs and they can easily be damaged by desiccation, Taenia sp eggs were also low in quantity due to improved farming condition and livestock. To ensure effective environmental health, there is necessity of sanitary education, enforcement of basic rules of hygiene, and deworming of study area in general and in the schools in particular in order to prevent helminth infections.

Keywords: Cysts; Contamination; Geo helminths; Nematodes; Oocysts; Zinc-floatation technique


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