15. Comparative efficacy of manuka honey and povidone gel on healing of induced incisional wounds in rabbits

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Nosheen Saleem, Khurram Ashfaq Shahzad Akbar Khan Muhammad Saqib, Muhammad Fakhar-E-Alam Kulyar, Memooma Mehmood Anees Khalid


In human and veterinary practices wound management is still a burden either from undesirable events or surgical operation. Various traditional medications have been used for treatment of wound such as turmeric, Aloe vera gel, ancient herbs, neem leaves, alcohol and antibiotics. In wound healing process the old drug which has broad range of effects is honey. Povidone gel has been used in treatment of wounds, but also used as skin antiseptic before surgery and disinfection of inert surfaces. The objective of this research was to estimate the relative effectiveness of manuka honey as well as povidone gel on incisional wound in rabbits. A whole of 28 strong male rabbits were chosen and divide into four groups viz, Treatment group 1, 2nd treatment Group , Group T3 as well as Group T4.Incisional wound was created in rabbits by sharp blunt scissor. Group T1 was cured with manuka honey, GroupT2 was received medication of povidone gel, Group T3was cured with combination of both manuka honey plus povidone gel.Group T4 was kept as untreated. The efficacy of treatment was analyzed in terms of wound compression, repairing of wound as well as histopathological evaluation. For statistical analysis the data of pre and post treatment of wounds were tested through one way ANOVA by using SPSS software. So, it is concluded that the practice of manuka honey in mixture with equal quantity of povidone iodide for treatment of induced incisional open wounds in human as well as in animals. This combination is effective and can be used without any fear of demerits.

Keywords: Avulsions; Abrasion; Antiseptic; Povidone gel; Wound


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