1. An important variety of organic gemstones-Agarwood

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Arif Hussain Kaleri, Xi-Qiang Song, Hao Fu Dai Asif Ali Kaleri Nizamani Mir Muhammad Anum Mehmood Ghulam Sajjad Kaleri Abdul Rasheed Kaleri


Agarwood study is getting importance day today because of its advancement in chemical benefits as well as benefits in healthcare. This study elaborates and reviews the detailed structure of agarwood with its benefits in medicine as well as our life. The agarwood has a high density and can sink in water. The aromatic components contained in it can emit fragrance. Agarwood has a magnificent, rare and durable gemstone character. Like ordinary organic gemstones, it is a collection of organic, inorganic and trace elements formed by animal and plant life activities. Long related resin line texture. The agarwood has a fine particle size, compact structure, low hardness, rich color, and luster. It is important to understand the benefits from the Agarwood with its chemical composition in order to get benefits that are cost-effective as well as health benefits.

Keywords: Aesthetic characteristics; Agarwood; Classification; Organic gemstone


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