19. Effects of natural growth regulators on micropropagation of potatoes

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Zaib-Un- Nisa Azhar Hussain Shah Safdar Hussain Shah Ghulam Farooq Muhammad Anwar Sajad Muhammad Anwar Saleem Khan


To find the cheapest substitutes for synthetic growth regulators such as Gibberillic acid  (GA3), natural growth substances that are not patent yet so named as TANG and ARQ, were evaluated for their performance in the Murashiage and Skoog (MS) medium for micropropagation of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.).  Natural growth substances as synthetic growth regulators were used for their excellence performance in M.S media. Natural growth substances were the extract of plants and cheaper sources of plant growth regulators. In present study axillary shoots of potatoes plants were used as explants. After pilot study 14 ml/l TAN G and 10 ml/l ARQ were selected as suitable concentrations to be used for experiments. Data were recorded for 3, 6, 8, 10 and 15 days. Overall growth response of TANG and ARQ supplemented medium was very similar rather to standard medium having GA3, with no adverse effect on plants health. This MS medium would approximately reduce the production to one half of the conventional methodology. This strongly suggests that natural growth substances (TANG and ARQ) as growth stimulators are the most suitable and a cheaper alternative for very expensive and more frequently used constitutes of MS medium for micropropagation of potatoes.

Keywords: Micropropagation; Natural growth regulators; Solanum tuberosum L.; Synthetic growth regulator


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