25. Response of Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier) and Trichogramma chilonis (Ishii) towards chilling temperature

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Jawad Sarwar, Imtiaz Ali Khan , Fazli Amin Hafiz Muhammad Faisal Ayub Amjad Usman


Studies were conducted to evaluate the impact of storability of S. cerealella and T. chilonis at zero and control temperature for different time interval i.e. (2, 6, 12, and 24) h. Research reveals that different tem, time interval effect the parameters like incubation, emergence, hatching and longevity. Three different sets of experiments were conducted to observe hatching (%) and incubation period of S. cerealella, emergence (%) and adult longevity of T. chilonis from parasitized pupae and parasitism of S. cerealella eggs, subsequent emergence (%) of T. chilonis from the parasitized eggs and their adult longevity. Interpretation of findings unravels that eggs stored for shorter period of time i.e. 2 hours resulting in higher hatching (85.33%) and incubation period (8.13 days). Higher pupal emergence (82.66%) of T. chilonis and adult longevity (6.23 days) for storage period of 2 hours and an increase in duration decline was recorded. Significantly higher parasitism (86.66%) of S. cerealella, emergence (92.71%) and adult longevity (6.13 days) was recorded for storage period of 2 hours and with increase in duration the declension was recorded in parameters under study.

Keywords: Adult longevity; Chilling temperature; Emergence (%); Incubation period; Parasitism


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