27. Use of heat resistant V4 Newcastle disease live virus vaccine in rural poultry birds

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Ruby Tabassum, Jamila Shafi Zahid Hussain Javid Iqbal Sohail Manzoor Syeda Surriya Gillani Saima Ali, Amir Sharif


In this study the comparative immunogenic effect of V4 virus was studied in 700-day old Desi (native) poultry birds through different routes. At the age of 7th day all the birds were divided randomly into seven groups. The birds of Group A to F were given V4 virus vaccine in feed, mixed in wheat flour, Rice, Sorghum, crushed wheat, drinking water and through eye drops respectively. The birds of Group G were kept as a control group. At the age of 21 days, all the groups were revaccinated with respective vaccines. After primary vaccination, at the age of 21 days, the highest Geometric Mean Titers (GMT 36.99) were noted in-group F and after booster vaccination (age 49 days), highest GMTs value (512) was observed in group F followed by group B (274.37). By 49 days of the age, 10 birds from each group were separated and injected with a virulent Velogenic Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV). The protection percentages were, 50%, 60%, 30%, 40%, 70% and 80% in groups A, B, C, D, E and F respectively, while all birds died in group G. The statistically significant differences in Geometric Mean Titers (GMT) Haemagglutination inhibition (HI) antibody titers were found in Group F, than the birds of other groups. The significant differences were also found in HI antibody titers in groups A, B, C, D and E.  Results indicated that the V-4 virus vaccine had better protection through ocular drops and in drinking water, followed by in boiled rice-based feed.

Keywords: Heat resistant; ND Vaccine; Rural Poultry; Thermostable; V4 ND Vaccine


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