Physciochemical variations in the honey produced by Apis dorsata from Punjab, Pakistan

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Rizwana Kousar Samina Qamer


A total of 24 samples was collected from three different localities (n= 3, Lahore, n= 10, Jhang and n=11, Kalar Kahar). These honey samples were analyzed for moisture content, pH, electrical conductivity, free acidity, lactone content, total acidity, proline and HMF content for quality evaluation of Apis dorsata honey. The average moisture content was 22.86%, 22.97% and 21.13% from Lahore, Jhang and Kalar Kahar, respectively. The pH values fell within the prescribed range of 3.42-6.1. The mean free acidity of all honey samples was well with international limits. Lactone content was 33.44meq/kg from Lahore, 15.53meq/kg from Jhang and 12.77meq/kg from Kalar Kahar. Total acidity calculated for honey samples of Lahore was 60.21meq/kg, 55.46meq/kg for Jhang and 50.36meq/kg for Kalar Kahar region. Proline content was estimated at an average of 5146.62mg/kg of honey samples from Lahore, 4328.44mg/kg from Jhang and 3554.68mg/kg from Kalar Kahar honey samples which were higher than minimum International Honey Standards limit. HMF content was measured as 36.41mg/kg from Lahore, 30.44mg/kg from Jhang and 89.93mg/kg from Kalar Kahar. The HMF Content was within the maximum International limit.

KeywordsA.dorsata honey; Proline and HMF content; EC value

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