32. Seasonal variation and diversity of carabid beetles fauna (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in coastal areas of Sindh, Pakistan

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Reshma Sahito, Nasreen Memon, Aiman Amur


Seasonal variation in abundance and diversity of carabid fauna was studied in eight different localities of coastal areas of Sindh during august 2018-July 2019. Individuals were trapped using soil traps and light traps. A total 1303 ground beetles of 4 subfamilies 8 genera 12 species. The individuals of subfamily Harpalini were higher 508 followed by Carabinae 462 while least number of subfamily Brachinae 130 followed by Lebinae with 157 was recorded. Among these three most abundant species, Calosoma aurapunctuatum, Calosoma scyophantum and anthia Sexuamatta and least abundant Mecyclothorax cordicolis were recorded. The abundance of Carabidofauna differed with seasonal fluctuations. The highest population was recorded in summer season followed by spring, whereas least abundance was observed in winter. Monthly population dynamics showed that Carabid beetles were highest in number in the months of June, July followed by August and September while least population was recorded in February followed by January and December. The maximum average population size and Simpson reciprocal index was found at Sujawal (29.7%) and Thatta (9.74) respectively, and lowest both average population size and Simpson reciprocal diversity index for Karachi locality (11.4%) and (5.73). Pearson Correlation coefficient (r) analysis showed strong positive and significant relationship of carabid beetles abundance with humidity, temperature and rainfall, (r= 0.65, p=0.02), (r=.810, p=.0001) and (r=0.65, p=0.02) respectively. Locality wise average population size, evenness and diversity indexes were calculated, and highest population was recorded in concern with high relative humidity and temperature in the locality.

Keywords: Carabidofauna; Climatic factors; Harpalinae; Sindh; Sujawal



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