35. In-silco investigation of EGFR network in kidney cancer: a drug discovery approach

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Syed Umair Ahmad Amara Qadus Basharat Ahmad, Jalal Ahmad Khan Zia Wali Shah Aamir Saeed, Hamza Ali Khan, Tariq Mahmood


Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene plays an important role in the cell membrane including cell cycle promotion and differentiation. In many cancers studies the EGFR alteration causes the development of Oncogenesis that promote carcinogenesis and metastasis. Aim of the current study is to better understand the EGFR protein-protein interacting network in kidney cancer to identifying co-targets for drug designing. EGFR protein was as a query in STRING database and a network of 34 nodes and 123 edges was extracted. HUBBA analyzer was applied for the identification of hubs protein in the network that showed the functional association among network components. The findings of this study explored five clusters which has intra/inter-modular connections those are targeting links in therapeutic strategy. The cbioportal cancer database was used to analyze the expression levels of gene encoding hubs protein in the network and their participation in kidney cancer. In total of twenty hub proteins, seven genes, including HRAS, SHC1, PTPN1, PIK3CB, HBEGF, NRG2, AGTR1 shows overexpression and five genes like PIK3CD, ARRB1, NRG1, RAB5A, EPN1 displayed under-expression in kidney renal cell carcinoma. Outcomes of the research declared novel components mutations, mediated through EGFR signaling that are involved in ATM, MAPK, MDM2, ATK/VEGFR signaling pathways of proliferation and anti-apoptotic activities.  It is evident that experimental validation of this results could be employed for the identification of new diagnostic markers for kidney cancer.

Keywords: Carcinoma; Cbioportal; EGFR; Kidney cancer; String database


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