37. Morphological and agronomic characterization of (Capsicum annuum L.) germplasm in Pakistan

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Nadra Khan, Muhammad Jamil Ahmed, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah Tariq Shehzad Maqsood Ahmed Saiqa Bashir Abdul Hamid


The aim of the study was to estimate the magnitude of genetic variation through the characterization of germplasm using agronomical and morphological traits. In the current investigation 38 genotypes of chilli (Capsicum annuum) were evaluated at an agronomical and morphological level for (10 quantitative and 14 qualitative traits). A set of parameters covering different growth stages selected from the Capsicum descriptors developed by Biodiversity International Former. Qualitative traits were studied on a visual basis. Quantitative characters such as plant height ranged from 40 cm (36588) to 63 cm (36616). Fruit length and width range from 2.21 cm (36591) to 13.2 cm (36636) and 0.60 cm (36569) to 2.90 cm (36560 and 36441). Fruit weight varied from 0.85 g (36591) to 8.30 g (36651). Results obtained for yield/plant ranged from 175.49g (36652) to 780.3 g (36616). Results demonstrated the existence of diversity between the studied genotypes and consequently, providing the opportunity of attaining genetic advances in hybridization program for particular traits under consideration.

Keywords: Agronomic traits; Chilli germplasm; Genetic diversity; Morphological traits


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