40. Assessment of physico-chemical and phyto-chemical properties of six apple varities cultivated in district Nagar and Hunza Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

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Azher Mehdi, Asma Sohail, Muhammad Mazahir, Kashif Sarfraz Abbasi, Rai Muhmmad Amir, Wasif Ali Muhammad Asim


This research work was carried out to evaluate the physico-chemical properties of six apple varieties commonly found in the local market of district Nagar and Hunza Gilgit, Pakistan. Different chemical and phytochemicals parameters such as moisture content, ash content, total soluble solids, pH value, acidity, total sugar, reducing sugar, non-reducing sugar, antioxidant activity and total phenolic contents were studied. Results revealed that highest moisture content was observed in Golden Delicious Hard (84.96%) while lowest moisture content was observed in Red Delicious (78.19%). Maximum ash content was found in Golden Delicious (2.92%) while minimum ash content was observed in Spartan (0.35%). Similarly, maximum mean value for total soluble solids were noted in Golden delicious (13.00) while minimum mean value was noted in Kala Kulu (10.56). Highest acidity was found in Golden Delicious (0.26%) whereas lowest acidity value was noticed in FS (0.16%). Maximum mean values for pH were recorded in Spartan (3.89) whereas minimum value was observed in Noor Shah (3.50). Total sugars content in apple varieties ranged from 66.78 to 73.66%. Maximum mean value for reducing sugars was noted in Noor Shah (14.54) while minimum value was recorded in Spartan (10.64). Non reducing sugar in apple varieties ranged from 51.54 to 54.00%. Highest antioxidant activity was recorded in Noor Shah (15.12%) while lowest value was observed in Spartan (18.61%). Total phenolic contents were ranged from 151.27 to 203.03 GAE/100mg. On the bases of physico-chemical properties it was concluded that red delicious variety is the best cultivar as compared to other varieties grown in this region.        

Keywords: Apple varieties; Antioxidant potential; Gilgit Baltistan; Nagar-Hunza; Nutritional attributes



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