41. Effect of organic fertilizers on physical attribute and organoleptic properties of Lettuce varieties

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Nadia Sajjad Fazal Muhammad Bangulzai Najma Yousaf Zahid, Najeebullah Khan Muhammad Ashraf, Rehmat Ali Baloch, Abdul Gaffar, Muhammad Ilyas, Dad Muhammad Baloch


The research trail was conducted in the field of Horticulture PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi during2015-16 using 3 replicated RCBD. Two varities of Lettuce grand rapid and ice-bergwere tested. Physical Attribute data i.e. Number of leaves, Plant height, Total leaf Area per Plant, Fresh plant Weight, Leaf dry weight and organoleptic properties were observed. The average number of leaves mean between the two varieties was observed to be highly significant. Ice-berg lettuce produced maximum number of leaves with average mean 8.98. Grand rapid lettuce produced highest leaf length with average mean 14.82 cm compared with ice-berg lettuce which produced leaf length with average mean 12.34 cm. In case of ice-berg lettuce, maximum area was depicted in plants grown in T1 that was 93.07 cm2. Ice-berg lettuce produced heavier leaf with 501.3 g compared with grand rapid lettuce (308.6g). Leaf dry weight of ice-berg lettuce (16.4 g) showed significant difference with grand rapid lettuce with 9.8 g. In grand rapid lettuce highest dry matter is recorded in T1 with dry weight of 14 g. The highest significant values for aroma were 4.5 and 3.5, found in lettuce grown in T1 and T2, respectively. But least values were 2.6 and 2.1 in T2 (V2) and T3 (V1) respectively .All the physical attributes were highly significant among treatments and varities. From this study it was observed that hybrid varity ice-berg is better than grand rapid morphologically. Where as in treatments, T1 (chicken manure) was good with regards to physical attribute.

Keywords: Growth; Physical attribute; Lettuce; Organic Fertilizers; Organoleptic Properties; Varieties



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