4. Evaluating the toxicity potential of some insecticides against sugarcane black bug, Cavelerius excavatus (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)

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Ilyas Raza, Muhammad Nasir, Muhammad Salman Muhammad Usman Asif Qurat ul Ain Haneef


A study was conducted on the toxicity potential of six insecticides (Lesenta 80% WG, Trunk 20% SC, Karate 2.5 EC, Route 57 EC, Refree 5% SC and Thimet 5G) against the sugarcane black bug (C. excavatus) at two different locations in tehsil Kot Addu District Muzaffargarh, Pakistan. Seven treatments including control with three replications were maintained following Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). The treatments were applied at their recommended doses and mortality data were recorded before and after 24 followed by 48, 72 and 168 hours of application. The results revealed that all the insecticides significantly suppressed the target pest population compared to control. Route 57 EC (Malathion) was revealed as most effective insecticide due to causing highest mortality in both locations 84.29% and 84.44% followed by Trunk 20 % SC (Clothinadion) with 80.03% and 79.88% mortality of the target pest after 168 hours of application. Whereas Karate 2.5 EC (Lambda cyhalothrin) was evaluated as least effective with 51.95% and 52.97% mortality at both locations, respectively. Our results suggest that Route 57 EC (Malathion) @ 500 ml per acre is effective against sugarcane black bug and can be used for the chemical management of this pest.

Keyword: Black bug; Efficacy; Insecticides; Malathion; Sugarcane



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