5. Fibrous dysplasia of right hip bone-rare disease: A case report

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Hina Aslam Nazia Yousef Sana Sehar


Fibrous dysplasia is a rare disease of bones in which osteoblasts cells abnormally differentiate leading to woven immature bone formation by replacement of normal canellous bone cells. This is considered to be originated by misssense gene mutation at chromosome 20q13.FD may involve one bone (monostotic) or more than one bone (polystotic). It can involve any bone in human body but the long bone, skull, and ribs are common. A 24 years old female visited hospital with a complaint of right hip pain and backache for last 07 months. Pain was dull in nature, increased both in frequency and intensity with the course of time, radiating to right leg, aggravated by movements. Patient had a previous history of 03 months aggressive gym exercises till February 2019, when she developed this pain. Patient also manifested the history of polycystic ovarian syndrome. There was no other history of systemic illness. On X-ray of Pelvis (AP-view) there was bubbly appearance of right iliac bone with thickening of the trabeculi in proximal end of both femora. On MRI Abnormal bone marrow signals were noted in right iliac bone. Loss of cortical margins is seen both anteriorly and posteriorly White zone of transition is noted. Inferiorly it extends to the superior and anterior acetabular margins. Histopathologically the blood and scattered inflammatory cells were present. There was strong suspicion of fibrous dysplasia. No neoplastic cells were found. In surgical treatment, excision of the lesion and bone grafting was done. Pharmacological interventions were analgesics, bisphosphonates, oral calcium supplements, and Proton pump inhibitors. Patient reported 70-80% in relief of symptoms after surgery. Patient was discharged from hospital in stable condition after 4 days.

Keywords: Fibrous dysplasia (FD); MRI; Right Iliac Bone (RIB)


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