22. Population dynamics and diversity of Bactocera species and Dichasmimorpha longicaudata, its parasitoid in correlation with abiotic factors

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Khawar Jawad Ahmad, Qurban Ali, Faisal Hafeez, Dilbar Hussain, Asad Aslam Muhammad Shehzad Muhammad Faheem Akhtar, Muhammad Umar Qasim Muhammad Zubair Muhammad Jawad Saleem, Muhammad Ahsin Ayub


Fruit flies are destructive pests and caused heavy losses in agricultural products by reducing crop production. The reported study was planned to evaluate the relationship between population dynamic of fruit flies and its parasitoid in guava orchards in relation to prevailing ecological condition. For this purpose, baited pheromone traps containing methyl eugenol with contact action Insecticides were installed in guava orchards in Faisalabad district during 2016-18. Trapped fruit flies were collected after every fortnightly interval and brought in the laboratory for identification of species. The infested guava fruits were also collected from fruit trees during the fruiting season and kept under laboratory conditions to identify and record parasitoids species as well as emerging Fruit flies. Results revealed that B. zonata, B. correcta and B. dorsata prevail around the year. However population of B. dorsata was more than B. zonata followed by B. correcta. Peak infestation of fruit fly was has been observed in October 2016-17 while in 2018 highest population was recorded in September. However, low population of fruit flies species had been recorded when temperature dropped < 05 ºC.  Emergence from infested fruit predicts that 60% emergence was solely by the population of B. dorsata followed by B. zonata and B. correcta throughout the year. The highest number of D. longicaudata was recorded in July and August and also directly influenced by pupae emergence from the larvae. Highest and lowest temperature exerted more effect on population fluctuation of pest as well as its parasitoid as compared to other factors.

Keywords: Abiotic factor; Diversity; Fruit fly species; Parasitoid; Population dynamics



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