32. Interrelationship for yield and yield associated traits in mustard (Brassica juncea L.)

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Piar Ali Shar, Jay Kumar Sootaher, Zahoor Ahmed Soomro1, Tanweer Fatah Abro Akhtar Hussain Shar Muhammad Saleem Chang Ayaz Ali Soomro Nadir Ali Rind, Khalid Hussain Rind


The association among yield and affecting traits were analyzed for nine yield contributing traits at Oilseeds Section, ARI, Tandojam in randomized complete block design with three replications during 2018-2019. The analysis of variance revealed that all genotypes were highly significant at 0.01 probability level for all the attributes. BJD BARD-1 maintained the minimum days to 75% flowering (47.42 days), AARI Canola produced minimum days to 90% maturity (120.20 days) and maximum branches plant-1 (9.46) along with maximum seeds pod-1 (17.22), Super Raya exhibited the shortest plants (182.39 cm), maximum pods plant-1 (482.57) and seed yield plant-1 (30.44 g), while Dhoom-1 articulated the maximum seed index (6.48 g) and JS-13 demonstrated the most oil content (39.28%). It was identified positive as well as highly significant linkage between seed yield plant-1 and days to 75% flowering (0.6556**), between seed yield plant-1 and days to 90% maturity (0.7271**), between seed yield plant-1 and branches plant-1 (0.4762**) and between seed yield plant-1 and pods plant-1 (0.8498**). Whereas, significant and positive associations were found between seed yield plant-1 and plant height (0.4562*) and between seed yield plant-1 and seeds pod-1 (0.3433*). It was finalized, positive correlation indicated that selection of these attributes demonstrating significant results would be very fruitful and progressive for desirable genes. The better performed mustard genotypes will be able to be utilized in future for mustard development programmes to improve yield associated characters.

Keywords: Interrelationship; Mustard; Yield; Yield associated traits



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