2. Comparison of different mechanical traps to screening and control of whitefly (Aleyrodidea: Hemiptera) population in tomato crop

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Hamid Rehman, Aslam Bukero, Abdul Ghani Lanjar, Lubna Bashir, Zainab Lanja and Shahzad Ali Nahiyoon


A significant issue is associated with the pest management control system and insect preferences for the tomato plants, Whiteflies masticate on the lower epidermis of the tomato plant leaves and eradicate tomato plants by diminishing the trim quality due to removal of the plant phloem, sucking out the sap, transmitting plant infections, and by discharging honeydew, which can increase leaf sheaths. Therefore, obstructing light absorption that results in less photosynthesis activity, causes the development of sooty mold. The adequacy of various sticky traps with various kinds of colors and cup traps against whitefly were assessed in tomato crops. The yellow sticky traps got whitefly adult an average of 374.2±48.65 during 24-h and 823.6±49.32 during 48h test periods per card. The wheat (fluorescent) sticky cards caught adult whitefly average of 391.4± during and 569.4±per card during a similar period. The Cup traps just got an average of 4.64±1.23 adult (Bemisia tabaci) over a 24-h and 7.28±1.12 in 48 h periods. Staying sticky traps got whitefly, sky blue or cyan (fluorescent) 299.4±49.08 and 488.9±87.34, somewhat bluish-green (fluorescent) 59±5.98 and 94.36±8.68, blue (fluorescent) 99.28±7.133 and 206.5±21.09 and red (fluorescent) 101±6.73 and 192.7±18.48, in 24h and 48h time frame individually. All traps caught other insects too. These outcomes exhibited those sticky traps with fluorescent colors more attractive and valuable to control whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) at other hand cup traps were helpful for monitoring. RGB (red, green, blue) and HSB (hue, saturation, brightness) value also estimate to check the correlation of color with whitefly. Both values showed a positive and in same negative correlation as well.

Keywords: Sticky trap; Cup trap; Fluorescent; Mechanical; Bemisia tabaci; Whitefly


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