9. Bioaccumulation of selected heavy metals in various organs of Sher Mahi (Clupisoma naziri) collected from local market of Peshawar

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Sahibzada Muhammad Jawad, Muhammad Zahid, Mudassir Shah, Muhammad Zeeshan Ashfaq, Arshad Hayat Mohammad Sayyar Khan and Syed Salman


The current study presents evaluation of heavy metals such as Zinc, Copper, Ni and Chromium level in various organs of freshwater angel species Clupisoma naziri. The level of each meal was recoded in gills, skin, liver, digestive system and muscles by PerkinElmer (2380) spectrometer protocol. The liver exhibited the most noteworthy metallic burden followed by gills, muscles, skin and digestive tract. The order of overall metallic burden in all parts collectively was Ni>Cr >Zn>Pb>Cu with the normal values of 2.93, 2.27, 1.66, 0.93 and 0.0956 ppm respectively. Compared to maximum periwinkle limits as that of given by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Zinc, Nickel and Copper were found
within the permissible range whereas Chromium (2.27 ppm) and Lead (0.926 ppm) were found higher than reasonable limits i.e. 1 ppm and 0.5 ppm respectively.

Keywords: Atomic Absorption; Bioaccumulation; Clupisoma naziri; Heavy metals; Spectrophotometer


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