4. The role of nutrition in tackling dental caries

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Nishat Zafar, Ashiq Ali, Shanzay Imtiaz, Muhammad Yasir Afzal, Usman Nazir, Muhammad Sikandar, Sana Ghafar


Nutrition provides life to cells, their components, and organisms. It is the adequate stipulation of substances like various minerals, fiber, vitamins, water, and some other necessary food components. Malnutrition may lead to the oral cavity and cause oral disease that can cause by many factors like changing in tissue homeostasis, decreased tissue repairment, and reduced resistance to microbial load. Low intake of food, deficiency of nutrients, and improper consumption of nutrients in the everyday diet promote oral and dental problems in individuals. It can lead to many health issues and cause many diseases. Fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients that promote good health and fight against many diseases, but the pH of many fruits can be acidic, and it promotes tooth decay. It shows that the simple fruit lowers less pH of saliva as juxtapose to processed juices due to the presence of artificial sugars. Simple fruit contains more nutrients than juices. But fresh juice contains nutrients that accept fiber content and less deduction of other nutrients than in processed juice.  Fresh juices lower the pH and help to destroy microorganisms. Daily consumption of processed juice can cause dental caries which lead to loss of teeth in later ages. Oral health is most important for the rest of the body; any oral diseases can lead to many other diseases in the body. The pH of saliva has great importance in an individual’s life, as the pH decreases it increases the chance of production of microorganisms. Microorganisms are the key role in developing dental caries. Acidic foods decrease the pH and cause more microorganisms.

Keywords: Diet; Nutrition; Oral hygiene; Saliva



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