9. Gender specific, worldwide picture of liver cancer: A special comparison with Pakistan

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Muhammad Asad, Iqra Rasool, Saira Khan, Faiza Anum, Mushtaq A Saleem, Shahid Raza


Present study performed was actually done for measuring cancer frequency in Liver, Occurrence as well as rate of death beside Hugh liquor intake plus various hazardous aspects (containing smoking, narcotics, hugh food sugar) between people of both genders globally in comparison to our state (Pakistan). Data was composed through review piece of writings informed via world health organization WHO (2012) Globocan as well as during 2013 Global illness load. Review writing was completed on frequency, occurrence as well as because of hepatic carcinoma happened in 2012 as well as 2012 of universal in association towards Pakistan. Hepatic carcinoma had additional incidence in males rather than females. Pakistan had hepatic carcinoma incidence (13.1%) in males as well as (1.6%) in females, that percentage was in use as of every additional carcinoma. Statistic methods applied to the current study were death pace, prevalence pace, age standardize rate (asr), modification in percentage, incidence in percentage as well as case control table. Present study, incidence of hepatic carcinoma was higher in males rather than females, mutually globally as well as Pakistan.

Keywords: Age standardize rate; Cancer; Hazardous; Hepatic carcinoma; Liquor; Occurrence; Statistic methods



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