Genetic variability for biochemical traits among advanced lines of Brassica

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Naseeb Ullah Junaid Khan Mohammad Wasiullah Khan Haneef Raza*, Mukhtar Alam, Hidayat Ullah Izhar Hussain Ibad Ullah Jan, Ziaur Rahman Fawad Ali


To investigate genetic variability, heritability and correlation among different biochemical traits, six advanced lines (F10:11) of Brassica rapa were studied at New Developmental Research farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Peshawar university during 2012-13. The experiment was carried out in randomized complete block design with three replications. Significant differences were observed for glucosinolate, oil content, protein content, oleic acid, linolenic acid and erucic acid. The advanced line, AUP-05 produced the maximum gluconsinolates (75.35 µmol g-1), protein content (24.56%). Advanced line AUP-04 had the highest erucic acid (50.31) and linolenic acid (10.60%). Advanced line AUP-06 produced the high oil content (48.83%). Genotypic variances were greater than the environmental variances for majority of the traits. Ranges for genotypic and phenotypic coefficient of variation were 2.01 to 96.92% and 2.99 to 33.22%, respectively. Majority of the traits exhibited high heritability. The maximum heritability was recorded for erucic acid (0.78), protein content (0.77), glucosinolate (0.76), oleic acid (0.70). Oil content and linolenic acid exhibited moderate heritability with a value of 0.58 and 0.45, respectively. Overall the studied parameters indicate significantly varied results among the advanced lines. AUP-05 and AUP-06 showed promising results for maximum traits. Due to the presence of high genetic variabilityfor glucosinolate content, protein content, oleic and erucic acid, these lines could be used in future breeding programs for the improvement of the biochemical attributes.

Keywords: Heritability; Brassica advanced lines; genotypic variances; Phenotypic coefficient of variances 

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