24. Quantitative influence of thermal stress on fiber quality traits of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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Khadim Hussain, Azmat Hussain, Danish Iqbal, Muhammad Ilyas Sarwar, Abdul Qayyum, Mubashir Islam Gill Niaz Ahmed Wahocho


Temperature is the main controlling factor for plant growth, development, reproduction and fruit ripening rate. Twenty genotypes of cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L.) were screened to determine the consequence of heat stress on fibre traits.To expose the genotypes against two different thermal conditions, two sowing dates were adopted. Significant differences were observed under both conditions among the genotypes as well. The genotypes were categorized in nine groups depending on heat susceptibility index and quality parameters. Some genotypes showed significant tolerance against heat stress with good fibre traits. Cyto-178 showed low heat susceptible index (HSI)with acceptable fibre length (28.5 mm) & uniformity index (84.9 %) in the same way DAI-16 showed low HSI with good fibre strength (101tppsi) and NIAB-111 showed maximum ginning out turn (42.1 %) with low HSI.

Keywords: Heat Stress Index; Fibreproperties; Temperature



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