26. Performance of various trap crops in the management of Thrips tabaci L. in onion crop

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Shahid Ali Chandio, Arfan Ahmed Gilal, Lubna Bashir Rajput, Muhammad Umar Brohi , Jam Ghulam Mustafa Sahto Muneer Ahmed Bhatti and Attaullah Sheik


Thrips tabaci L. is a polyphagous and severe pest that cause considerable losses to onions throughout the world. Therefore, studies were conducted on the performance of various trap crops in the management of onion thrips, Thrips tabaci by attracting them in an onion field. Four trap crops i.e., marigold, carrot, fennel and coriander along with control were used in the study. The individual trap crops were cultivated at an equal distance with twelve plants per replication. Thrips tabaci population was recorded from both trap crops and onion plants on weekly basis since the appearance of T. tabaci till harvesting of onions. At the time of harvesting, yield data was also recorded. Significant influence of the cultivation of trap crops was recorded on population of T. tabaci as comparatively more overall mean attraction of thrips was observed on marigold (11.61±0.40 thrips per plant), followed by fennel (8.51±0.30 thrips per plant), whereas, the minimum population was observed on carrot (5.77±0.25 thrips per plant). On onions, the lowest population was recorded in marigold treatment (4.50±0.11 thrips per plant), followed by fennel (4.80±0.14 thrips per plant), whereas, the maximum population (10.56±0.28 thrips per plant) was recorded on control treatment onions. The highest and lowest yield of onions was recorded in marigold and control treatments, respectively. Thus, based on the findings, marigold and fennel should be planted within onions to divert the population of T. tabaci from onions, thus, lowered the damage to onions.

Keywords: Attraction; Management; Onions; Thrips; Trap crops



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