27. Efficacy of different drugs against tick infestation in goats reared under semi-intensive system

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Asad Ali Jariko, Asad Ali Khaskheli, Rashid Ali Jariko, Zafar Ali Khoso, Imtiaz Ali Ujjan Muhammad Qasim Koondhar, Muhammad Ali Brohi and Muneer Ahmed Jariko


Study was conducted on a total of 90 goats for assessing the efficacy of different drugs against tick infestation in goats reared under semi-intensive system at Taluka Khipro, District Sanghar. Goats were divided into three groups viz. A, B and C. A group was treated with Trichlorfon, B with Cypermethrin and C was kept as control group. Four species of ticks were found to be commonly infesting the goats such as Hyalomma anatolicum, Amblyomma variegatum, Boophilus microplus, and Rhipicephalus anguineus. All tick-infested goats showed clinical signs of weakness, anemia, and anorexia. Further, efficacy of Trichlorfon and Cypermethrin was observed against the tick infestation by single and multiple applications. In a single application of the 1st treatment, the highest rate of efficacy was observed by Trichlorfon (85.6, 81.6 and 78.4%) followed by Cypermethrin (81.6, 77.6 and 68%), at 7th, 14th and 21st days. While the control group remained positive and trend in the increase of tick infestation. While all treated goats had shown improvement in health by clinically and disappeared the symptom of the disease. It conclusion Hylomma species was most prevalent tick detected in goats reared under the semi-intensive system. Trichlorfon was found to be much effective drug against tick infestation compared Cypermethrin.

Keywords: Damage; Efficacy; External parasites; Goat; Prevalence; Tick


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