29. In vitro based multiplication of a superior Brazilian Cavendish banana clone

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Shahnawaz Palijo, Aneela Yasmin, Amjad Ali Memon, Anam Mehwish Khanzada, Shoukat Ali Wassan and Rizwan Ahmed


Propagation of Cavendish banana replica of Brazil under in vitro condition to influence the various growth regulators like Benzylaminopurine (BAP) and Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) and their diverse concentrations for the production of mass of that replica. Among the tested concentration at the rate of BAP (3.5 mgL-1) was found most favorable for maximum survival and regeneration of shoots (95%) also observed highest shoot frequency (100%) during 8th week of in vitro culture. (1.7) shoots were recorded on (0.5 mgL-1) of BAP and this number greater than before to (7.1) shoots per explants when 3.5 mgL-1 of BAP used. LSD showed that the treatment (3.5 mgL-1) of BAP had also greatest effect on shoot induction and stem length of plantlets and further amplify in BAP concentrations had no effect on shoot multiplication rather a reduction observed. While, T6 (IBA= 1.5 mgL-1) showed a minimum number of days (17.1) for induction of roots respectively. The peak number of roots (12.3), highest length of roots (8.3 cm) and 100% root multiplication after 6th week again observed on T6 (IBA= 1.5 mgL-1). In conclusion, IBA (1.5 mgL-1) T6 best treatment for plant vitality, which can show healthy small plants with 8.0 cm height or higher, with lush green broad leaves 4.0 cm or higher and developed roots. The healthy and complete plantlets were successfully transferred to pots after 1-week of lab hardening and later 4-weeks in a climate box with high humidity. Control (garden soil) showed 35%. While Soil+Coir (1:1) showed peak 90% survival rate of plantlets during the hardening process.

Keywords: Plant growth regulators; Concentrations; Brazilian cavendish banana clone; In vitro multiplication; Acclimatization



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