36. Olive oil quality vary with cultivars and agro-climatic conditions

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Azmat Ali Awan, Mohammad Ilyas, Nasim Ahmad, Manzoor Ahmad, Aasia Ramzan, Rafi Ullah, Nadia Bostan, Jawad Ali Mazhar Ali


Three olive cultivars Pengalino, Coratina and Leccino were grown at various ecological zones of Pakistan i.e. Olive Model Farm (OMF), Mardan and Barani Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), Chakwal to assess the oil quality during two consecutive years, 2008-09 and 2009-2010. Means for peroxide and acid value of olive oil were significantly influenced by cultivars and locations. The cultivar Coratina had the highest peroxide (18.50 milli eq/kg) and acid value (2.65%). By contrast, the least peroxide value (12.75milli eq/kg) and acid value (2.49%) was recorded in oil extracted from cultivars Pengalino and Leccino respectively. The interaction of olive cultivars and location of production revealed significant influence on both the two parameters under study. The peroxide value which was lower in oil of cultivars Leccino and Coratina (7.53 and 9.80 milli eq/kg respectively) but increased to 23.11 and 27.21 milli eq/kg in oil obtained from Chakwal location. While the peroxide value of cultivar Pendallino was not affected significantly. The acid value of olive oil was the least (0.85%) in cultivar Leccino and the highest (2.89%) in Pengalino at Sangbhatti farm.

Keywords:  Cultivars; Locations; Oil quality; Olive


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