2. Performance of various colored sticky traps in monitoring against insects of maize crop

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Asad Rajput, Ahmed Lund Baloch, Junaid Ahmed Soomro and Ghulam Qadeer Junejo


The field study on relative performance of various colored sticky traps against insects of maize crop (Zea mays L.) was conducted during 2019. Five different colored sticky traps i.e., yellow, blue, green, white and transparent were installed, where each trap was replicated four times. The field was divided into four blocks, each having a size of 30,000 square feet. In each block, five colored sticky traps were randomly installed at one feet above the crop height. Weekly observations were taken to count the number of insects attracted to various colored from germination till harvesting of crop. Identification of insects were done on available literature. Data of abiotic factors were also obtained to determine their influence on attractiveness of colored sticky traps for insects. During the study, five insect pests and one predator species were found i.e., Rhospalosipum maidis, Cicadulina mbila, Frankliniella occidentali, Atherigona soccata, Adelphocoris suturalis and Cheilomenes sexmaculata on various colored traps. All the insects were strongly attracted toward yellow colored traps as compere to others. The overall weekly observation showed that peak populations of R. maidis, F. occidentali, A. suturalis, C. sexmaculata were recorded on 31st March, 2019 on various colored traps. The maximum population of C. mbila and A. soccata was recorded on 6th April and 5th May, respectively. The populations of R. maidis, Cicadulina mbila, F. occidentali and C. sexmaculata showed positive and significant. Weakly a-biotic factors significantly affected on the performance of colored sticky traps to attract various insect. Based on the findings, yellow colored traps should be used for the early detection and monitoring of maize insects.

Key words: Maize insects; performance; Sticky traps


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