1. COVID-19 pandemic: Current and future implications on science and society

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Nafeesa Safdar, Aiman Zahra and Tanveer


In 1st quarter of 21st century, with the appearance of novel coronavirus, the world is facing a disastrous pandemic of COVID-19 originated from China. The pandemic intensity differs from country to country and the most affected countries are Italy, Spain, France, UK and USA in terms of the mortality ratio while virus is spreading rapidly in more than 180 countries of Europe, Australia, North and South American, Asia and least affecting the African continents. In Pakistan, there have been total 2,389,827 active infections, 1,446,574 recoveries and 280,697 deaths worldwide to date (10/05/2020) which is more than severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). The outbreak of SARS, affected 8098 individuals with 774 deaths and 9.7% fatality rate while MERS-CoV has 2494 cases, 858 deaths and 34% fatality rate. The COVID-19 epidemic has established anxious condition all over the world which exhibited the adverse effects on physical and mental health of individuals. This review discusses comparative analysis of confirmed cases, number of deaths and highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on daily life, international trade, business, education, transport and global economy. This article summarizes the present state of information and will enhance our knowledge to understand the COVID‐19 distinctive features and improve our preventive measures in future. Thus, during this period of great stress, there is requirement of new interdisciplinary methodology with collaboration of sociologists, scholars, epidemiologists, anthropologists, public health experts and virologists to have a change in our activities and behavior to environment in confronting an emergency.

Keywords: COVID-19; Deaths; Economy; Mortality; Pandemic


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