6. Surgical assessment of urethrostomy wound healing with silk or nylon suture in a male cat

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Tanveer Hussain Khaskheli, Ahmed Nawaz Tunio, Jay Kumar Soothar, Sundesh Kumar Oad, Jawed Ali Dhiloo Kamran Ilahi Tunio and Muhammad Ismail Brohi


The study was conducted on 12 healthy male cats to assess skin wound healing and determine complications of wound healing in cats between silk and nylon suture material after perineal urethrostomy. Two groups were made for suturing material; group A (Silk 3/0) and group B (Nylon 3/0). Animals were premedicated with Acepromazine 0.03mg/kg and xylazine 0.5mg/kg were given intramuscularly for sedation. Ketamine 6mg/kg body weight was administered intramuscularly for anesthesia. The penis and scrotal area were surgically separated in ventral and lateral direction. Ventral ligament of the penis and ischiocavernosum muscles were seprated. Tom catheter (14 mm diameter) was placed into urethra and a (1-cm) long incision was made into urethral canal. Pencillin G at 0.5cc and meloxicam 0.3cc was given intramuscular till recovery. Cats were monitored for 10 days for wound healing, urination, swelling, edema, union of wound edges and status of sutures. The results showed that in group A, the wound was healed in 7.00±0.89 days and in group B it was healed in 9.00±1.41 days. It was observed that silk suture material performed better than nylon in group A than group B for wound healing. After wound healing, normal urination and normal food intake was observed in group A as compare to group B. It was concluded that silk suture provided better and fast wound healing process as compared to nylon suture material in all cats. It is suggested that silk suture is reliable for perineal urethrostomy procedure, because of easily available and have no any complications.

Keywords: Cat; Nylon suture; Silk suture; Urethrostomy; Wound healing


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