10. Diagnosis of oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea in females (infertility) of different ethnic groups of Quetta Balochistan

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Afshan Majeed, Masroor Ahmad Bajwa, Shagufta Saddozai, Nosheen Rafiq, Ambreen Ijaz, Muhammad Kamran Taj, Umbreen Zafar, Saima Azam, Sakina khan, Syeda Ayesha Ali and Ashiq Hussain


The difficulty to conceive is seen as a major problem among families especially in Pakistan. The purpose of the study was to evaluate different causes of female infertility in different ethnic groups of Baluchistan, using ultrasonography technique and supporting information.  The sample size in existing study was 100 samples of infertile females; the age of female in existent study was divided into 5 groups i.e., 20 – 25, 26 – 30, 31 – 35, 36 – 40, and 41-45. It was concluded that the increasing age has a relationship with increased frequency of infertility. The results were significant at p <.05, 𝒳2 =53.87, df= 4, α =0.05, P < 0.00001. Oligo menorrhea between ethnic groups was found to be Pakhtoon group (17%), Baloch (50%), Hazara community (20%) and others (67%). Amenorrhea was more widespread in Baloch ethnic group 40%. The normal menstruation amongst ethnic groups was in range of 11-25%. (𝒳²=42.060, α=0.05, P= 0.0001). Consulting the findings Endometriosis was more prevalent in Baloch ethnic group (14%), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease was found to be (26%) with higher occurrence in Pakhtoon (10%) and Hazara (9%) group while Ovarian failure (13%) was more common in Hazara community (𝒳²= 10.41, df =4, α=0.05, P<0.05). Different types of fibroids (Submucosal Fibroids, Intramural Fibroids, Subserosal Fibroids) were also seen in infertile female visiting clinics. The present study concluded that the technique of Ultrasonography is very much helpful for knowing the causes, analysis and management of female infertility. This study is beneficial because it examines the indicators for the causes of infertility among different ethnic groups, no such statistics were offered previously in Baluchistan due to lack of resources concerning female infertility problem.

Keywords: Fertility; Infertility; Intramural; Submucosal; Subserosal; Ultrasonography


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