15. Phytochemical evaluation and assessment of genetic diversity amongst Artemisia species collected from foothills of Himalayas

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Aqsa Mir Alam, Khan Irfan Khan, Amna Mustafa and Zohaib Asad


Artemisia is a significant genus in family Asteraceae and has large number of taxa having economic and ecological importance. The aim of the study was to analyze highly medicinal products as well, antioxidant activity and genetic variability in three species of Artemisia from various sites of district Poonch. For the evaluation of phytochemicals and antioxidants, different volumes of extracts and solvents were used from leaves. The species were analyzed for genetic diversity within and between various Artemisia species. For molecular investigation, random amplification of polymorphic DNA (RAPD) fragment was used to determine genetic variations between and within species. From of ten primers only six primers gave amplified products. By using all six primers, total 331 bands were amplified from which 30 were monomorphic, 301 were polymorphic and percentage of polymorphism was 91% in Artemisia japonica, 321 bands were amplified in Artemisia roxberghiana from which 21 were monomorphic, 300 were polymorphic and percentage of polymorphism was 93% as well as 36 bands were amplified in Artemisia absinthium from which 14 were monomorphic, 22 were polymorphic and percentage of polymorphism was 61%. Based on obtained results, it was observed that a significant genetic diversity occurs among the species while little variation was present within the species. Artemisia species showed significant variation phytochemical such and phenols, flavonoid and antioxidant. Chemical derivatives of artemisinin and sesquiterpenoid showed high percentage in these species and also has medicinal properties such as anti-malarial and anti-cancerous agent.

Keywords: Antioxidants; Artemisia; Genetic Diversity; Phytochemical Activities; RAPD


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