16. Detection of multi drug resistance (MDRs) strains of Salmonella Serovars from raw ground meat from local markets of Karachi, Pakistan: A threat for the propagation of extensively drug resistance (XDRs)

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Fasiha Saeed, Marwah Qudsia, Farkhanda Afaque, Taqdees Ara Malik and Sayyada Ghufrana Nadeem


In developing countries, uncertain hygienic conditions play a vital in causing infection in humans & animals by contaminating food. Microbial drug resistance from perishable food items is of major concern related to foodborne illnesses. Meat is one of the foods that is heavily loaded with microbial species and can be involved in severe food infection and intoxication which includes Salmonellosis, Shigellosis, Cholera, Botulism and enteric infections. Among the induction of these drug resistant microbial strains through food; Salmonella species has intense role in foodborne illnesses due to contaminated meat and poultry. This current research reported the prevalence rate of enteric microbes from meat samples collected from local community markets of Karachi, Pakistan. We have found 28% of Salmonella typhi isolates followed by Enterobacter aerogenes (20%), S. Paratyphi A (16%), S. Paratyphi B (16%), E. coli (12%) and Shigella dysentery (8%). The antibiogram of the isolated strains of S. typhi, S. paratyphi A and S. paratyphi B reveals that a number of these strains were resistant to Chloramphenicol (C), Sulphamethoxazole (SXT), Ciprofloxacin (CIP) and Ampicillin (AMP).These resistant strains could behave as extensively drug resistance (XDRs) strains and are responsible for the major health concern regarding enteric infections in developing countries via unhygienic water and food supply.

Keywords: Antibiotic sensitivity; enteric infections; Extensively Drug Resistance (XDRs); Meat; Salmonellosis


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