Morpho-agronomic and qualitative performance of various FCV tobacco exotic hybrids

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Muhammad Rabnawaz Khan Kamal Shah, Muhammad Zahid Muhammad Noman Khan Muhammad Zahir Afridi, Sarmad Iqbal, Syed Minhaj Ali Shah, Rashid Ullah Syed Junaid Ahmad


A filed experiment on “Morpho-agronomic and qualitative performance of various FCV tobacco exotic hybrids” was conducted at the Tobacco Research Station Khan Garhi Mardan during the year of 2014-2015. The experiment was designed in randomized complete block design with three replications. Ten (10) FCV tobacco hybrids (PVH-2310, PVH-2275, PVH-2233, PVH-2261, CSC-4302, CSC-444, CSC-447, CSC-4703, SPT-G-28 and K-399) were sown. The parameters studied were plant height (cm), number of leaves plant-1, leaf Area (cm²), no. of green leaves kg-1, no. of cured leaves kg-1, cured leaf yield (kg ha-1), reducing sugar content (%) and nicotine content (%). The studied tobacco hybrids exhibited highly significant differences for all the parameters recorded. The hybrid PVH-2310 performed best among the studied hybrids and comparatively provided the maximum values for plant height (131.8 cm), no. of leaves plant-1 (27), leaf area (894.5 cm2), cured leaf yield (3332 kg ha-1) reducing sugar content (19.2 %) and lower nicotine content (2.81 %), also heavier leaves with more mass were obtained for this hybrid and therefore provided the least no. of green leaves kg-1 (22.7) and no. of cured leaves kg-1 (163.7). Hence it is concluded and suggested from this experiment that the FCV tobacco hybrid PVH-2310 performed better as compared to other hybrids in agro-climatic condition of Mardan.

Keywords: FCV tobacco; Hybrids; Significant; Yield; Quality

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