1. Biology, morphology, and varietal distribution of Saw-toothed grain beetle, Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L) on date palm dry and semi-dry dates at district: Khairpur, Sindh - Pakistan

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Tasneem Kousar, Zaib-un-Nisa Memon, Hakim Ali Sahito, Wali Muhammad Mangrio, Faheem Ahmed Jatoi, Zafar Hussain Shah


The biology of saw-toothed grain beetle, O. surinamensis was assessed on two different dry and semi-dry dates (Aseel and Dadhi) varieties under laboratory conditions at Date Palm Research Institute, SALU-Khairpur during, 2019-20. The results showed that the overall mean of eggs was observed at (60.63±10.41) on both varieties and the eggs incubation period (4.09±0.50), hatching (82.08±4.42) % which was almost found higher on dry dates. The duration of various larval stages was also observed from 1st stage larvae to 4th stage (2.95 to 7.09) in days thus, the mortality and survival rate with % at (4.78 to 46.32) and (3.56 to 88.34) with the pupae period was (12.24). While as; an adult male (10.84) and female (15.91) days consumption and total life spawn (46.78) and (51.86) with a sex ratio (0.90) and (1.11) was remained fluctuated, thereof the maximum infestation on Dadhi dry fruit was observed (9.45±1.28), semi-dry (9.01±6.44) and Aseel dry fruit (5.65±0.73) and semi-dry dates (4.97±3.02), respectively. The result of the present work indicates that this insect pest frequently relay a negative effect on both types of fruits but the high peak of infestation observed during September and October. It was calculated that 3rd and 4th larvae found a voracious feeder that gently hits dates fruit. The present investigation suggested that there is a vital need to introduce environment-friendly integrated pest management techniques and sufficient measures to secure this golden industry of this region.    

Keywords: Aseel; Dadhi; Fluctuations; Incubation; Khairpur; Phoenix dactylifera


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