8. Variation and distribution of freshwater algae (Chlorophyta) of District Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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Shakir Ullah, Uzma Salam, Yaseen Khan, Naeem Akbar, Khushnood Ur Rehman


Freshwater algae (Chlorophyta) had been studied poorly in district Mardan, Pakistan, especially on the taxonomic basis. The taxonomic study was carried out during 2017-2018 to evaluate the seasonal variation and the distribution of freshwater algae, i.e., Chlorophyta in the different regions of the district Mardan, Pakistan. A total of 55 species belonging to 15 other genera were recorded from other localities of district Mardan. The most dominant genus was Spirogyra with 17 species (30.91%), followed by Tetraedron, Cosmarium, Closterium with 5 (9.09%) and 4 (7.3%) species respectively. Moreover, Cladophora, Zygnema, Mougeotia, Oedogonium and Stigeoclonium were found with 3 species (5.45%), while Chaetophora, Rhizoclonium and Microspora each with 2 species (3.64%). Furthermore, Closteriopsis, Ulothrix, and Uronema were 1 species each (1.8%). Among the studied regions, the Arabi Kallay stream showed the highest numbers of species followed by Umar Khan and Kalpani streams. In contrast, Baizai stream and Takht Bhai canal sites showed the lowest numbers of species. Besides, the fluctuation in temperature also varies the distribution of Chlorophyta species, i.e., in summer; the numbers of species were higher, while in winter the decreasing level of species was noticed. The optimum temperature in summer was 35-40ºC, while in winter ranged 22-27ºC. This study not only gives information about the Chlorophyta freshwater algae in district Mardan but also can provide a baseline in the algal distribution for future studies in district Mardan.

Keywords: Chlorophyta distribution; District Mardan; Freshwater Algae; Seasonal variation


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