14. Impact of different herbicides on morphological and biochemical parameters of wheat and weeds control

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Wisal Muhammad Khan, Mursaleen, Khawaja Shafique Ahmad, Zahir Muhammad, Izhar Ahmad, Syed Inzimam Ul Haq Shah Khalid


The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of different herbicides on morphological and biochemical characters of wheat (Triticum aestivum L., varity: Sahar-2006) and control of weeds. The variety Sahar is a local developed variety and as per the Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, this variety is very much suited for Peshawar valley in terms of its productivity. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Compete Block Design (RBCD) with three replicas, each with seven plots. Five different herbicides at the rate Clodinafop 100 gm/6-liter, Affinity 100 gm/liter, Isoprotron 50% w/w 100 gm/6 liter, Bromoxynil 62.5 ml/6 liter, MCPA 62.5 ml/6 liter of water, Hand weeding and Weedy check were used. Weed density was calculated before and after of treatment of different herbicides. Maximum weed (97 %) was controlled in plots treated with Bromoxynil. Number of tillers/plants, spike length, number of spikelet’s/ spikes, plant height, number of nodes/plant and stem width were non-significantly affected by herbicides. Maximum spike length (9.53 cm), number spiklets/spike (18.97), plant height (89.10 cm), number of nodes/plant (5.57), leaf width (1.53 cm), stem width (1.49 cm) and grain yields (kg/m2) were noted in weedy check. Maximum number of tillers/plant (11.33), number spiklets/spike (18.97) and grains/spike (51.87) were noted in hand weeding plots. Clodinafop showed positive correlation with weedy check and hand weeding plots for the number of tillers (6.67), spike length (9.07 cm), plant height (87.60 cm), leaf length (42. 37 cm), leaf width (1.53 cm), 1000-grains weight (51.37 gm) and total grains yields (2.42 kg/ha). Maximum moisture (8.90 %) and fats (2.6 %) for Clodinafop, maximum fibers (6.8 %) for MCPA and maximum protein (15.28 %) for Isoprotron treated plots were recorded. Isoprotron, Affinity and Bromoxynil showed similar results (1.8 %) for Ash contents. Highest value 71.81 % and 71.52 % of carbohydrates were recorded in hand weeding and weedy check plots respectively.

Keywords: Biochemical; Herbicides; Morphological; Parameters; Wheat; Weed Control


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