18. Diversity of weevils in rice mills of Tehsil Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan

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Haleema Zafar, Sumera Afsheen, Abdul Rauf Bhatti, Muhammad Faheem Malik, Saiyed Ahmed Zia, Sidra Mubeen Sadia Sidra Aziz


Weevils belonging to the genus Sitophilus (Order Coleoptera and Family Curculionidae) cause a great loss to stored grains like maize, rice, wheat, barley, macaroni etc. If unchecked, these pests can cause a great loss every year in stored grains. The present study is based on finding the Diversity of weevils in rice mills of Tehsil Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan. A total of 315 samples were collected from nine sites in five months, which belonged to three different species; then brought to the lab and identified under a stereoscope. Three species found in rice mills were Sitophilus zeamais, Sitophilus oryzae and Sitophilus granarius. Diversity was similar throughout, but abundance varied concerning temperature and humidity. As these two parameters increased, abundance also increased. Humidity was highest in August and so was abundance. The ratio of female weevils was more than male weevils. The correlation came to be positive between the two parameters and Diversity.

Keywords: Diversity; Sitophilus granarius; Sitophilus oryzae; Sitophilus zeamais; Stored grains


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