25. Impact of sleeping habits, physical activity and sleeping hours on Insomnia among patients visiting tertiary care hospitals, Lahore

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Tabeen Irfan, Maham Ulfat, Shahid Bashir , Sidra Khalid, Fariha Mehdi, Milhan Tanveer, Fiza Laif, Kinza Seher Zainab Rashid, Maham Riaz, Aurang Zeb


Insomnia is a condition that affects an individual by inability to get sufficient quality sleep or problem in maintaining sleep that is important for healthy functioning, performance and well-being. The sleep quality of an individual is affected by sleeping hours, sleeping habits and amount of physical activity. A cross sectional study based on sample size of 1000 participants, was conducted at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore and The University of Lahore Teaching Hospital, Lahore, to find out impact of sleeping habits, sleeping hours and physical activity among patients of insomnia. 48.2% patients were watching Television before bed. 12.5 % were having snacks at bedtime. 8.9% patients were eating if they woke up and 35 % patients were waking up to go the bathroom during night. 10.9 % were reading before sleeping. 23.6 % were thinking more before sleeping. 19.1 % were waking up early, could not sleep again and were still tired. 6.7% patients were facing recurring nightmares. 5.6 percent patients were getting sleep for 1-3 hours, 42.6 percent patients were getting sleep for 4-6 hours, and 51.7 percent patients were getting sleep for 7-10 hours. 50.3% patients were less active, 43.9% were moderately active while 5.8% of them were vigorously active. The study concluded that sleeping habits, sleep hours and physical activity had a significant effect on Insomnia. Patients with poor sleeping habits and sleep duration and who were physically less active reported more symptoms of Insomnia.

Keywords: Circadian rhythm; Depression; Electronic gadgets; Insomnia; Nocturnal polyuria; Physical activity; Restless legs syndrome; Sleeping hours; Sleeping habits; Tertiary care hospitals


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