26. Quality assessment of apricot jam supplemented with Sea buckthorn pulp

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Zaffar Abbas, Muhammad Mazahir, Azher Mehdi, Asma Sohail, Muhammad Asim, Wasif Ali, Shaukat Bashir Muhammad


This study was conducted to assess the quality of apricot jam supplemented with sea-buckthorn pulp. The treatments were AS0 (Whole apricot), AS1 (90% apricot and 10% sea buckthorn), AS2 (80% apricot and 20% sea buckthorn), AS3 (70% apricot and 30% sea-buckthorn) and AS4 (50% apricot and 50% sea buckthorn).  Physicochemical, sensory and microbial analysis was conducted at an interval of 15 days for two months storage. The ascorbic acid content was declined during storage from 51.65 to 43.53 mg/100g, the lowest decrease was noted in AS4 (6.58%) while maximum reduction was in AS0 (54.82%). The pH was declined during storage from 3.62 to 3.39. Total soluble contents were increased during storage from 66.88 to 67.30 0Brix. Titratable acidity also increased during storage from 0.65 to 1.09 %. Total reducing sugar content was increased during storage from 32.66 to 34.66%. The lowest non reducing sugar content was recorded in AS4 (10.64%) while maximum in AS0 (17.22%). Total phenolic content also declined during storage from 442.98 to 256.01 mgGAE/g, where minimum decreases was noted in AS4 (39.20%) while maximum in AS0 (43.86%). The color score given by the panel of judges was decreased from 8.0 to 4.96. The flavor score decreased from 7.86 to 4.78. The overall acceptability was decreased from 7.76 to 4.7, and minimum loss in score was noticed in AS4(16.31%) andthe highestin AS0 (79.30%). On the base of physico-chemical and sensory evaluation; treatment AS4 (apricot pulp 50% + sea-buckthorn 50%) found to be good as compared to others treatments.

Keywords: Apricot; Gilgit-Baltistan; Jam; Phenolic contents Seabuckthorn; Supplementation


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