30. Evaluation of different varieties of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) under the climatic conditions of Tandojam

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Shah Faisal, Fazal Muhammad Bangulzai, Nazeer Ahmed Alizai, Shabeer Ahmed, Abdul Rauf Zehri, Shah Alam Abdul Ghaffar, Syed Shah, Najeebullah, Zehri Khan, Shah Pasand, Sibghatullah


In order to evaluate the okra varieties under climatic conditions of Tandojam, the present experiment was conducted during 2015. The okra varieties included Sabz Pari, Punjab Selection, Anmol, Sharmeeli and Anamika. The observations were recorded on plant height (cm), branches plant-1, pods plant-1, single pod weight (g), weight of pods plant-1, pods length (cm) and pod yield (kg ha-1). The summary of the results are presented that all the studied indices were remarkably higher in variety ‘Sabz Pari’ having plant height (87.47 cm), branches plant-1 (5.66 plant-1), pods plant-1 (28.37 plant-1), single pod weight (15.15 g), weight of pods plant-1 (252.67 plant-1), pods length (6.37 cm) and pod yield (12733 kg ha-1). Apart from the most superior performance of variety Sabz Pari, Punjab Selection, Anmol and Sharmeeli, also showed good average performance, but least values for all the studied traits were determined for variety ‘Anamika. Statistical analysis indicates significant difference (P<0.05) for all studied parameters among the okra varieties. In conclusion, the variety Sabz Pari produced highest pod yield followed by variety ‘Punjab Selection’ ‘Anmol’ and ‘Sharmeeli’, while least figure for pod yield was examined in okra variety ‘Anamika.

Keywords: Climatic condition; Growth; Okra; Production; Varieties; Yield


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