35. Response of fruit essences with Methyl eugenol to attract Bactrocera spp. at Chiku orchard

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Shoaib Ali Shah, Bhai Khan Solangi, Imroz Solangi, Asghar Ali Majeedano, Muhammad Ilyas Abro Muhammad Akbar Lashari, Abdul Waris, Sohail Iqbal, Ghulam Hussain Alizai, Mitha Khan


The experiment was conducted at the Chiku orchard, Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam during December 2016 to March 2017. Different essences were tested with Methyl eugenol i.e. pineapple (T1), banana (T2), cardamom (T3) and afza (T4) whereas methyl eugenol was used as control in (T5) without any essence with five replications through applying layout RCBD. Observations were recorded from December to March. Two fruit fly species; Bactrocera zonata and Bactrocera dorsalis were identified among the trapped species. Data represents that maximum mean number of B. zonatawas collectedT1 (185.63±41.22) whereas; the minium mean number of B. zonata was T5 (126.44±21.49). Overall mean number of B. zonata trapped was 185.63, 164.25, 126.94, 179.68 and 126.44 for T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5, respectively. Maximum captured pests were recorded in T1, whereas, minimum mean number of pests were captured in control trap. According to monthly observations the maximum numbers of B. zonata were trapped in the month of March (103.91±25.5) whereas; where minimum number was recorded in the month of December (3.18±1.25). The mean number of captured pests in January and February were 9.26±16.21 and 40.33±2.83 respectively. In the same way, maximum mean number of B. dorsalis was recorded in March (7.23±2.57) and minimum numbers were observed in December (0.19±0.17). Treatment wise the highest number of B. dorsalis was recorded at T1 (20.5) followed by T4 (17.84), T2 (11.05), T3 (9.5) and T5 (9.37). The relation of temperature with B. zonata and B. dorsalis observed as positive correlation: whereas it was observed as negative relation in order to humidity. 

KeywordsEssences; Response; Methyl eugenol; Bactrocera; Chiku


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