Prevalence of syphilis and chlamydia in married females of Quetta

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Bilqees Achakazai, Ferhat Abbas, Abdul Samad Hikmat Achakazai, Akhtar Malghani Hasil Khan Achakazai, Wadan Khan Imran Taj, Mohammad Zahid Mustafa, Muhammad Kamran Taj


The objective of the research was to study the prevalence of syphilis and chlamydia in married females who visited Gynecology OPD of Bolan Medical College Hospital Pakistan for different gynecological problems during the months of January to April 2016. Total number of female patients studied was 100. Out of which 86 were local females and 14 were immigrant/non-local immigrant female patients. Blood samples were collected and serum was separated for detection of antibodies against Syphilis and for the detection of chlamydia vaginal swabs were taken and tested using Immuno-chromatography Kits. Out of 100 females tested 2% were found positive for Syphilis and 15% were found positive for chlamydia. Syphilis was detected in age group 28 to 37.  Out of 15 chlamydia positive cases, 5 were detected in age group 18 to 27, 6 were detected in age group 28 to 37; one each was detected in age groups 38 to 47, 48 to 57, 58 to 67 and 68 to 77 respectively. Out of 86 local females tested, 12.79% were found positive for chlamydia and 2.32% were found positive for syphilis. Out of 14 non-local/immigrant females tested, 28.57% were positive for chlamydia and none was positive for syphilis. All females found positive either for syphilis or chlamydia were uneducated and had no knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). Syphilis and chlamydia are important STDs which cause infertility and other health problems. Community based knowledge is important to prevent these diseases in married females of Quetta.  A  considerable  %age  of  females  were  found  positive  for  syphilis  and  chlamydia in this study.

Keywords: Sexually; Transmitted; Diseases; Infertility; Gynecological

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