Growth of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) as affected by nitrogen and sulfur under semiarid climate

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Akhtar Ali Nangial Khan, Rayyan Khan Sohail, Zia Ullah Murad Ali Muhammad Junaid Malik Owais Ullah Awan Irshad Ahmad, Anis Ur Rehman Khalil Adeel Liaqat, Farooq Nawaz Junaid Ali Shah


Field trail was conducted during kharif season, 2013 at Agronomy research farm the University of Agriculture, Peshawar to determine the effect of nitrogen and sulfur on the growth of sesame. The study was conducted in RCB design (control vs. rest) having three replications. Nitrogen (N) levels viz. 30, 70,110 and 150 and S levels viz. 10, 20 and 30 were used. Data were documented on Days to emergence, emergence m-2, days to flowering, leaf area, leaf area index, plant height, days to maturity and plant at harvest. It was found from these results that higher leaf area plant-1 (384.2 cm2) were gained from the plot that received 70 kg N ha-1, while minimum (366 cm2) were achieved from control plots. The application of N at the rate of 70 kg ha-1 resulted in optimum leaf area index (2.2), while control plots have lower leaf area index (1.95). Taller plants (187.1 cm) were observed in plot treated with 70 kg N ha-1 and dwarf plants (169 cm) were seen in control plots. In case of S the plant height increases up to (185.2 cm) in the plots that received 20 kg S ha-1which was statistically comparable to 30 kg S ha-1 against control. Plants at harvest were not influenced significantly by any of the factor and control vs. rest. Days to emergence, Emergence m-2 was non-significantly affected by nitrogen and sulfur. Yield and yield components were significantly improved by the sole addition of N and S or in combination. Sesame production enhances and profitable with application of N and S at the rate of 70 and 20 kg ha-1 respectively in this study.

Keywords: Sesame; Nitrogen; Sulfur; RCB

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