5. Comparison between enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Immunochromatographic test for the detection of the anti-HCV antibody in Faisalabad

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Qurat ul Ain, Ashiq Ali, Nishat Zafar, Shaina Akbar, Sadia Yousaf, Tehreem Rana, Amna Shakoor Muhammad Kashif, Fadia Waheed, Sidra Aslam, Umar Amin, Husnain Idrees, Muhammad Usman


Hepatitis C virus is the major cause of chronic liver diseases, cirrhosis, and liver cancer in developed countries. Different factors responsible for hepatitis for example blood transfusion sexual transmission, use of unsterilized syringes. A total of 243 samples were collected from different areas of Faisalabad. Two techniques ICT and ELISA were applied to all samples. After sample processing results of both techniques were compared to check the efficacy of ICT. From 243 samples that are applied to Immunochromatographic technique. A total of 29 samples were positive of HCV infection. Remaining 214 samples were tested on ELISA than more 23 persons positive for anti HCV antigen. In this study, according to ICT the high prevalence of HCV was found in Lyallpur Town (12.8%), Iqbal Town (11.6%), Jinnah Town (14%), and Madina Town (9.5%) respectively. According to ELISA prevalence of HCV is 13.1%, 11.6%, 11.6%, 7% in Lyallpur Town, Iqbal Town, Jinnah Town, and Madina Town, respectively. According to our result, ELISA is more effective than ICT. Statistical analysis of the data thus obtained was performed using chi chart square.

Keywords: Hepatitis; HCV; Antibody; ICT; ELISA


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