15. Antimicrobial activity of three medicinally important plants (Berberis balochistanica, Thymus serpyllum and Salvia bucharica) of Shudden, Mazhoo Tehsil Nana Sab area, District Pishin, Balochistan-Pakistan

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Muhammad Idrees, Saeed-Ur-Rehman, Saadullah Khan Leghari, Mujeeb ur Rehman , Khalil Ur Rehman Abdul Kabir Khan Achakzai, Bakht Zareen, Basra Sher Zaman, Arifa Malik


The objective of this research was to investigate the antimicrobial capability of three significant plant species i.e, Berberis balochistanica, Thymus serpyllum and Salvia bucharica. The root of B. balochistanica, the whole plant of T.serpylum and leaves of S.bucharica used for this research purposes at the area of Shudden, Mazhoo Tehsil Nana Sab area District Pishin, Balochistan. The topic area is fully rich by vegetation through the said three research species. The extracts of aforementioned parts of plants were subjected to agar well diffusion method. T. serpyllum plants have the  high  influential antimicrobial activity specially antibacterial in following bacterial strains (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus albus,Bacillus subtilis and Slmonilatyphae).The whole plant of S. bucharica also have the antibacterial activity against the different bacterial strains (S. aureus, S.t yphae, B. subtilis, E.coli and Pseudomonas aeroginosa).The roots of B.balochistanica have the antimicrobial activities especially against bacteria strains (B. subtilis, P. aeroginosa, Striptococcus pyogenes, E. coli and S. aureus). Resultantly, either the whole plants of T. serpyllum and leaves of S. bucharica or the roots of B. balochistanica, have the highly influential role against bacteria. The examination region has the bountiful number of B. balochistanica, S. bucharica and T. seripyllum which are never examined by analysts. The various parts of these previously mentioned plants have exceptionally substance of synthetics which resist the microorganisms particularly various kinds of microbes. Thus, it is inferred that the exploration plants may be conceivably utilized in numerous applications because of their antimicrobial properties.

Keywords: Antibacterial activities; Balochistan; Leaves; Medicinal plant; Roots; Seed; Stems


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