22. A novel taxonomic over-view of family Vespidae of subtropical rain forest: Malakand, with three new records for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and one for Pakistan

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Shehzad Ahmad, Qadeem Khan, Qaiser Zaman, Qaisar Jamal, Gauhar Rahman2, Muhammad Ismail, Ahmad Ullah Roman Ali, Hamza Khan, Umar Ali, Azaz Ahmad


In present study, a sum of 363 specimens were collected during August-2017 to September-2018 by visiting 14 different habitats including fields, mountains and fruit shops in Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. A total of 19 species and an additional subspecies of family Vespidae were identified belonging to 10 genera and three subfamilies: Vespinae, Polistinae and Eumeninae. Out of this one genus was recorded from subfamily Vespinae, two genera were recorded from subfamily Polistinae while six genera were recorded from subfamily Eumeninae. In current study one species: Rhynchium oculatum leviscutis was recorded for the first time from Pakistan, 3 species: Rhynchium brunneum brunneum, Eumenes punctatus, Antepipona sibilans were reported for the first time from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while 14 species were recorded from district Malakand for the first time which are: Polistes indicus, Polistes olivaceus, Polistes wattii, Ropalidia brevita, Delta dimidiatipenne, Delta esuriens, Delta pyriforme pyriforme, Ropalidia cyathiformis, Vespa orientalis, Vespa tropica, Vespa velutina, Allorhynchium metallicum, Anterhynchium abdominale abdominale, Rhynchium carnaticum,and Antepipona deflenda.

Keywords: Eumeninae; Malakand; New records; Pakistan; Polistinae; Vespidae; Vespinae


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