25. Comparative efficacy of local and parenternal therapies in treatment of clinical mastitis in buffaloes

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Tanveer Ahmad, Aamir Sharif, Ejaz Ahmad Muhammad Saleem Akhtar, Muhammad Nadeem, Asim Faraz


The present research was planned to compare the efficacy of different therapies in the treatment of clinical mastitis in dairy buffaloes. Thirty (30) lactating buffaloes having clinical mastitis (Swollen udder / teats, hardened udder / teats, clots in milk, watery streaks along milk, painful udder / teats, edematous udder / teats, etc.) were selected. 57.77% cases had decreased appetite and reduced milk production, 32.89%, 56.57% and 10.52% cases were mild, moderate and severe, respectively. Only cases ranging 1-7 days old were selected and divided into three groups i.e. A, B and C, each containing 10 buffaloes. Group A was treated with Tylosin @ 10mg/kg body weight through parenteral (intra-muscular) route, group B was treated with Gentamycin @100 mg/teat through local (intra-mammary) route, while group C was given combination of Tylosin @ 10mg/kg body weight through intra-muscular and Gentamycin @ 100mg/teat through intra-mammary route. The efficacy of therapy was measured at 14th and at 28th Day Post Treatment through clinical and bacteriological cure rate. The clinical cure rate at 28th DPT was 80.76% in group C, followed by 72% in group A and 24% in group B. The bacteriological cure rate at 28th DPT was 76.92% in group C, followed by 64% in group B and 16% in group A. Bacteriological examination showed Staphylococcus aureus as main causative agent of mastitis. It was concluded that combined use of antibiotic therapy through intra-muscular route along with intra-mammary route provided better cure in treatment of clinical mastitis in dairy buffaloes.

Keywords: Antibiotics; Buffaloes; Mastitis; Treatment


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