36. Development of nutritional biscuits for children, rich in Fe and Zn, by incorporation of pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) seeds powder; a healthy pharma food in current post COVID 19 period

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Ashiq Hussain, Tusneem Kausar, Muhammad Abid Majeed, Jawed Aslam, Muhammad Imtiaz, Haseeb Haroon Naukhaiz Abbas, Atif Ali


During preparatory operations of pumpkin, for cooking and processing, usually peel and seeds are discarded as waste but pumpkin seeds are rich in macro and micro nutrients, a potential source of pharma foods. In present study biscuits were developed from pumpkin seeds powder, rich in Fe and Zn, for children to strengthen innate and adaptive immune system to combat current COVID 19 outbreak scenarios. Chemical analyses of pumpkin seeds powder, white flour and developed biscuits, with 0, 5, 10 and 15% replacement level of pumpkin seeds powder, were performed. Ash, fat, fiber, Fe and Zn contents were significantly higher in pumpkin seeds powder as compared to white flour. By increasing the replacement level of pumpkin seeds powder with white flour, a significant increase in ash, fat, fiber, Fe and Zn, in biscuits was observed. In control (T0) the contents were, ash (0.57%), fat (30.36%), fiber (0.37%), Fe (2.44 mg/100 g) and Zn (1.45 mg/100 g) but when supplementation level was increased to 15% (T3) these contents were increased as, ash (1.65%), fat (32.46%), fiber (1.24%), Fe (4.23 mg/100 g) and Zn (4.37 mg/100 g). In current post COVID 19 scenario adequate supply of healthy diet, balanced with pharma foods could play a basic role in boosting immune system of the children. Concerns of the food processors has raised the choice of new food products enriched with immunity booster nutrients. These nutritious biscuits can be developed, marketed and consumed at mass levels to provide the basic nutrients to the developing communities.

Keywords: Biscuits; COVID 19; Iron; Nutrition; Powder; Pumpkin; Seeds; Zinc


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