37. Impact of harvesting timing and drying methods on yield attributes of wheat variety tj-83

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Abdul Nabi, Shabeer Ahmed, Manzoor Ahmed, Muhammad Ibrahim, Amir Tariq, Jaffar Khan Bazai, Muhammad Hafeez Nazir Ahmed Alizai, Fahim Ahmed, Rehmat Ullah, Naseer Ahmed Shahwani, Abdul Rouf Zehri, Mitha Khan


The study was carried out during the year 2015-16 to investigate the impact of harvesting times and drying methods on yield attributes of promising wheat TJ-83. Eight parameters of economic importance were studied which included: moisture content (%), plant height (cm), grains spikes m-2, spikelets spike-1, spike length (cm), harvesting index (%), biological yield (kg ha-1) and grain yield (kg ha-1). The results showed that wheat crop harvested on 130 (DAS) resulted in maximum 11.87% moisture content, 83.33 cm plant height, 54.33 grains spikes m-2, 12.11 spikelets spike-1, 19.33 cm spike length, 48.18% harvest index, 9946.67 kg biological yield ha-1 and 4792.00 kg grain yield ha-1. In case of drying methods, bag store resulted in highest 11.78% moisture content, 81.25 cm plant height, 51.75 grains spikes m-2, 10.91 spikelets spike-1, 18.66 cm spike length, 47.39% harvest index, 9693.8 kg biological yield ha-1 and 4453.8 kg grain yield ha-1 followed by bag (open). Lease figure yield ha-1 and 4372.7 kg grain yield ha-1.

Keywords: Drying methods; Harvesting time; Wheat variety; Yield attributes


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