38. Improving storability and quality of peach fruit with post-harvest application of calcium chloride and potassium permanganate

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Malik Faizan Shaukat, Ijaz Hussain, Abid Mehmood, Khalid Naveed, Ahmad Ayub, Qasim Ayub Raja Ahmad Ali, Muhammad Anas Mehboob Malik, Jawad Ahmed, Mubasir Ahmad


Keeping in mind the importance and highly demand of peach fruit and its cultivation in restricted region, it is of extreme importance to preserve the post-harvest value and demand throughout storage and marketing in order to do so the present experiment was conducted to check the post-harvest effect of potassium permanganate and calcium chloride concentrations and duration of storage on peach fruit quality characteristics. The present investigation was conducted in Horticulture Laboratory, The University of Haripur during 2019. The fruits were washed by tap water to remove any foreign materials and allowed to dry at room temperature. Four treatments i.e. potassium permanganate (2%), calcium chloride (2%), potassium permanganate (2%) + calcium chloride (2%), potassium permanganate (4%) + calcium chloride (4%) along with control treatment (without any coating) were used. Treated fruits were stored in cold storage for 20 days and data on various parameters was taken at 05 days’ interval.  Total phenolic contents (mg GAE/100g), Total antioxidant activity (mg 100 mL-1), total Soluble Solids (%), CAT (Catalase) determination, POX (Peroxidase) determination, SOD (Superoxide dismutase) determination and phytochemical screening of peach fruit were observed. Peach fruit coated with potassium permanganate (2%) + calcium chloride (2%) showed promising results regarding increased shelf life and quality maintenance of peach fruits. It is concluded from this study that combine application of potassium permanganate and calcium chloride @ 2% each can increased peach storage life and hence recommended for extending storage life of peach fruit under cold storage conditions.

Keywords: Anti-oxidant; Phytochemicals; POD; POX; Shelf life; SOD


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